Keeping Golf Putters in Shape

Everybody has something in their lives that means more to them than anything else. No matter what sport or hobby or industry you are involved with, there is always that something that you hold dear for whatever reason you may have. The same thing is true for golfers all around the globe. It does not take an avid golfer to want to take care of their golf putters and other golf clubs because it is an investment in every aspect of the game. Golf clubs are one of the reasons why golf is considered to be a luxury sport. A single set of iron clubs can go as high as $2,000.00 or more while a wood set costs about $1,700.00. A whole set of golf putters meanwhile can reach up to $2,500.00, depending on the brand, quality and type of the club.

This makes taking care of your golf clubs a lot easier, knowing their price. Now, if you want your clubs to last as long as it can, here are some of the things that you should always keep in mind to maximize the life span of your golf clubs.

1.Golf clubs are not used for battering people:

Actually, do not use anything for battering people. More to the point, golfers often forget this simple instruction. When people get frustrating and situations get out of control, all sense of sanity tends to float way above our heads and we grab the nearest, baddest object and swing it blindly. Here is a simple tip that you can do to prevent this blatant swaying: place a label in your golf clubs with its corresponding price.

2.Do a regular inspection in your golf putters:

Golf PuttersYou can begin by looking for wear and tears in the handle of your clubs. Golf clubs usually give in at the thumb rest. The grips could also lose their friction in time, and it is important that you check on them after every month or so. You probably do not want to head to golf courses with a slippery club. Look at your golf club’s shafts and inspect any crease, rusts or bent places. If you are using a real wooden club, you might want to look for cracks and openings that might damage your club permanently. If any of these problems are showing, take them to your nearest golf repairers and they know exactly what to do.

3.Clean your clubs regularly:

This is a principle our parents, grandparents and ancestors are using when taking care of something that holds personal value. Not only does it keep the dirt away, but it also helps things stay at its top shape. Clean your clubs using lukewarm water, though tap water is also fine, and brush them gently. Be careful not to scratch any part of your golf club. Scrub off any grease that might have formed until they are not visible anymore. Dry your clubs using dry towels and rub it until it isn’t wet. When your club has completely dried, you can polish it with chrome polish to give it that brand new look. Also, it would be helpful to do a routine clean-up after every game.

4.Store your golf clubs indoor:

The risk of physical damage outdoors is significantly higher. Not only because of accidents but the environment itself can cause unwanted issues. The outdoors can get very hot and would mess with the grip. For golfers who use ‘wooden’ wood clubs, a head cover would do much to extend the lifespan of your club. For golf putters, having a head cover is not really important but it does not hurt to be extra cautious regarding these things.