Hello Spring… (please interpret to ‘hello strawberries’).  Strawberries are covering the web… their wonderful sweet seeded redness is plastering the web and food blog world.  I have seen grilled, roastedbalsamic,  baked, fresh, frozen… what ever you can think of and a lot more.

My girlfriend brought me strawberry shortcake the other night, that we all got to enjoy sitting around the campfire.  It was SO good!  I’m not sure how she made those biscuits, but I think I heard angels sing in the background when I ate it.  They were heavenly.  I didn’t want to duplicate it (really, my friend made it and brought it to me… she’s a good friend, she’ll do it again) I wanted to make some thing spring inspired, with the lemon on my counter.

I used the scone recipe  and left out the cranberries and walnuts and substituted lemon zest.  It seemed like a good idea, and it worked well, but they were not as good as my friends.

I packed up everything and went to my cousin’s house to enjoy dinner with some family while the kids played. She thought it was hysterical, that I was ‘blogging’ from her house.  Really, I was just photographing a dessert, but have bag, camera and food… I will travel. It was so fun!

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