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Is it weird for me to profess my love of food blogging?  How about other food bloggers? I have only met one other food blogger face to face, and it was a fun conversation.  I have met several other bloggers through their sites and blog posts.  I subscribe to 40+ food / craft blogs, and after getting an email with a little snippet of their day summarized, you start to get to know them.  I have made some great connections into a world that I didn’t know existed until six months ago.  For some reason I hold New England Bloggers closer to my heart even though we have not met in person.

I think when you are not from a big city you are at a disadvantage and we more ‘rural’ bloggers need to stick together, so when ever I find a blog from Rhode Island or Connecticut I sign up for email or RSS to my Google reader.  They have brought great crafts, ideas, poetry, photography and yes, recipes right to my inbox  on a daily basis.  I am amazed at how supportive the food bloggers I have ‘met’.  Leanne from Around the Table:Loving food in RI and beyond was so kind and helpful when I reached out by email.  She gave some great advice and led me to find more RI and CT bloggers.

Those connections lead me to Lisa at The Cutting Edge of Ordinary also right over the state line from me in Rhode Island. I hope she finds this post complimentary, one of her posts looked so wonderful I had to try it, and it was so delicious, I had to spread the word.

Lisa has this Dill Pickle Dip recipe. I was looking for one more thing to make for Easter and decided that this would be it.  I just want to say Thank you Lisa! This dip is wonderful.  I used refrigerated deli style dill pickles and the flavor was mild, tart and creamy.  I served it with rye pretzel sticks that I found in the snack aisle, I also had some ryevita breads, but this dip would have been good on some one else’s dirty finger if that was the only thing available to me.

I did make a full recipe of this dip and it was gone, that day, by six people.  With my food processor this dip was a cinch to put together.  By hand it would be more difficult, but at that point I think I would just by the same refrigerated pickle relish so I wouldn’t have to chop up the pickles.  Either way it is worth it.  You should make it  and visit Lisa’s site for the recipe.

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